facebook cloning scam

5 actions can prevent Facebook cloning …and 3 things to do it if happens

Facebook cloning: It’s touched most of us.  You get a friend request from someone you thought you were already friends with.  A little red light goes off in your mind, but then you think, “Maybe she accidentally unfriended me and is re-connecting.”  So you click on Accept Friend.  After all,…

beachdog.com radio

Tune in! Beachdog.com Radio

  We’ve installed several kinds of online radio stations: Musician.  You need a place to show your work!  These can be done with simple or fancy interfaces, and allow you to sell downloads of your music, if you like. Background Music.  Maybe you don’t need or want to pay for…

Gauger Media Services

Sell Your Publishing Biz with Gauger Media Services

Rent a Professional: Gauger Media Services Selling your business can be the largest and most important transaction of your career. For maximum profit and safety, the sale should be confidentially managed by a field-specific, experienced professional.  For the publishing business, that’s Gauger Media Services of Raymond, Washington:  http://gaugermedia.com Dave has…

columbia river roadhouse


Hot, New Hangout Opens in Chinook! The Columbia River Roadhouse (aka C.R. Roadhouse) had its grand opening yesterday in Chinook.  Just 20 minutes from Astoria, Oregon, or Long Beach, Washington, the restaurant and sports bar is destined to be a favorite hangout for people from both sides of the Columbia…

peinsula poverty response

Peninsula Poverty Response

Please join beachdog.com in supporting the efforts of Peninsula Poverty Response! Peninsula Poverty Response (PPR) has been making a big impact on the Peninsula through programs such as Overnight Winter Lodging (OWL), Pack to School, Project Homeless Connect, and more.  And so, when the web server they were on was…

Brown's Coastal Corner Market

What Makes Good Signage?

Simplicity. Readability. Branding.   Simplicity.  If your try to cram too many words and images onto your sign, it won’t be readable.  In the case of the sign above, people in automobiles have just a few seconds to take in the sign.  The words and imagery need to clearly and simply…


mattsonmcdonald.com offers e-books, short stories, recipes, and more

Mattsonmcdonald.com is the heart expression of the dynamic and talented Pamela Mattson McDonald. An artist, author and craftsman, Pamela’s passions include words, gardening, and good food. You’ll find fabulous recipes on the site: Bodacious Baking Hoof, Wing & Fin Pantry Pleasures Vegetarian Decadence Pamela’s Culinary Stories are a delightful segway…

Kite Festival Program

Washington State International Kite Festival

The World Kite Museum and Washington State International Kite Festival Kiters hold a special place in our hearts. Not only do they fill the sky with an inspirational array of colors, kite fliers are the nicest people!  The World Kite Museum is open year-round with regularly changing exhibits and is…


Saturday, July 23, 2016

POST MORTEM:  We sent a recap to all hosting clients affected by the exploit of our server Saturday. Grab a copy of our updated hosting agreement. UPDATE 11:30 pm:  All but a very few sites are back online, scrubbed and certified clean. Faraz has returned from a short nap and…


beachdog.com is a HOT Pokestop!

Sorry, this page has moved to beachdog.com is a HOT Pokestop!