offers e-books, short stories, recipes, and more is the heart expression of the dynamic and talented Pamela Mattson McDonald.

An artist, author and craftsman, Pamela’s passions include words, gardening, and good food.

You’ll find fabulous recipes on the site:

Pamela’s Culinary Stories are a delightful segway to her magazine articles, short stories, and e-books, showcasing the breadth and depth of her craft.  

Every couple of weeks, you’ll find a new chapter released of the Jennifer Harrington Jones Prequel, Fallout.  Kilned Again, the Jennifer Harrington Jones Mystery, is available for purchase, as is Building the Rainbow One Color @ a Time, a “mysterious, serendipitous, transformative collection of episodes in an adventurous, creative, non-stop roller coaster of life.”

Varying layouts, cross-marketed products, and lots of photos keep visitors interest while on the site.  Regular releases of new chapters, short stories, and recipes, along with an email signup keep people coming back.  The site has been optimized for social media and is mobile-friendly with some back-end tools for quickly viewing analytics and keeping search engine optimization.  Take a click!