Update Your Site Like World-Famous Wiegardt Studio Gallery

Eric Wiegardt site revamp

Eric Wiegardt site revamp project

Developing a site for a world-renowned artist is a wee intimidating.  When the time came to give Eric Wiegardt Studio Gallery’s site it’s third facelift since we began working together, I found I was no less intimidated than I was the first time. 

After all, I’m a graphic artist and marketer; my talent lies in developing stories and images that garner a specific result.  While my job absolutely includes delivery of good design, it’s not about following all the rules or being highly skilled at fine art–let alone being a master’s master fine artist like Eric Wiegardt!


But Eric’s stellar marketing force, lead by Luisa Mack, did an excellent job communicating the Wiegardt vision for this Eric Wiegardt site revamp. The result of our collaboration, bringing fine and graphic arts together with clear marketing goals, is stunning in terms of form and function. #notsohumblebrag

Collaborations like this one are some of my favorite projects.  When a client is clear about what they want in terms of visuals and results and is willing to take in my expertise in the medium and marketplace, the end result is always more powerful. It’s usually less expensive, too, which is a nice bonus.  And it’s almost always more fun for everyone, which is important to our beachdog.com core values.

The most gratifying compliments come from happy customers:

We would like to thank you for our beautiful new website! It is clean and easy to navigate. You are very talented and we have always have received excellent advice and direction from you. We want to wish you the best, Eric and Ann