Cart Features Class Registration and Calendar Integration

Rust Dahlia

The ladies of the Rusty Dahlia are a talented lot.

When i first stepped into the Rusty Dahlia I was immediately struck by the owners’ gifts: adding class to the reclaimed, freshness to the vintage, and elegance to the rustic. I was delighted to learn the store also taught classes! 

The team was kicking up their social media presence and it quickly became clear their website wasn’t working very hard for them.  That’s where the beachdog team stepped in. The new site is very flexible and will grow with them. It features a hero image that introduces their style to site visitors, flanked by a slider showing the most recent posts on classes and other store happenings. All they have to do is create the post and it slides (forgive the pun) right in.

Continuing down the home page is a place that holds recommendations from their online store. The online store functions within WordPress and integrates seamlessly with the rest of the site. Class registrations are further connected to an online calendar to make it easier for customers to see what’s available when. Essentially, the ladies fill out an online form for an upcoming class and it automatically shows up in the shopping cart, on the calendar, and potentially in the recommended items. That’s how we like it – low effort, high return!

There are a few more fun features in this site. Explore! 

Don’t miss the Grand Reopening of the shop on May 26th!