Dogs? -


So what’s up with the dogs?

couponIt’s pretty ironic, considering we’re a marketing company, having a name that says nothing about what we do.

The truth is, was never supposed to be a real company!  By the time it had become one, the name had good recognition, so we kept it.

But what about the Great Danes?

Our owners, Keith & Keleigh Schwartz, are very involved with pet rescue in general and Great Dane rescue in particular.  Their gentle giants are usually at the office, as are occasionally a foster dog or litter. We do a lot of pro-bono work for the South Pacific County Humane Society, the company’s “pet cause.”

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Fear not: If you don’t like to be greeted by our canine mascots, we’ll gladly keep them away from you. 

Currently, the dogs in residence are:

Perdita Perdita, (aka Perdita Bonita Maria Zebrina Rosa Schvartz) b.2006.  Rescued as a pup, Perdita has a neurological disorder that causes her to have panic attacks.  They’re pretty rare now that she’s a senior. She’s the most shy with new people and the most demanding of those she knows.  She takes a lot of pain medication, so demanding snacks is her favorite activity these days.


Minnie Minnie, (aka Minnie Pearl) b.2007.  Named after a Paint horse (and with the personality of a former Hee-Haw star), Minnie came to us in the Spring of 2012 when her family wasn’t able to give her the attention they knew she deserved.  She pretty much thinks she lives in Doggie Disneyland.  Or maybe on the Hee-Haw set.  Her gift is to figure out what you need in order to pet her.  Just try to not pet this dog.  We dare you.


Panda Panda (aka Panda-monium), b.2010. This amazingly sweet and smart girl came to us just as 2014 became 2015.  She had spent the first 4-1/2 years of her life paired with a dog that picked on her, whelping puppies.  She’s on an intensive training program as EVERYTHING in ‘normal’ life is new to her and she is easily over-stimulated. Her exuberance knows no bounds!


Running Leash Free over the Rainbow Bridge


Karadog, our founder 1994-2008.  Karadog was one of those amazingly special dogs.  She had friends all over the Pacific Northwest who recognized her because she had made such an impression on them while staying at HER motel in Seaview.  It was the traits she so readily offered that served to form the name of our company: this beach dog was loyal, friendly, tenacious, patient, thorough, fun-loving, adamant, creative, problem-solving, smart, silly, loving, and a little bit wicked.  She is long remembered and missed.


Lilly Aspen Calla Lilly, (aka “Get your lily white as…pen over here!)  2002-2014, came to us at 6 years old as a hospice dog.  This tough ole’ broad’s health improved significantly once given the diva treatment she knew in her heart she was due. We were delighted to enjoy her company another six years.  While she was profoundly deaf from birth, most people never noticed.  A master watcher, Miss Lilly was very good at using the other dogs as her ears …and getting them to do things for her whilst she sat in the lobby as though waiting for tea.