Peninsula Poverty Response

peinsula poverty response

Please join in supporting the efforts of Peninsula Poverty Response!

Peninsula Poverty Response (PPR) has been making a big impact on the Peninsula through programs such as Overnight Winter Lodging (OWL), Pack to School, Project Homeless Connect, and more.  And so, when the web server they were on was infected with malware, resulting in the loss of their website, we stepped in to help them get started again with some pro-bono work.

The new site has just begun! gave them an installation of WordPress on our rock-solid hosting server, with their database on our cloud server so the site will be one fast puppy.  Taking inspiration from the Peninsula Poverty Response logo for a color palette, Keleigh customized a theme (the site’s look and feel) that furthered their visual brand while not getting in the way of site content, which needs to take a front row seat.

It will take a bit of time for the PPR crew to repopulate the site with forms and information.  In the meanwhile, they rely heavily on their Facebook page for getting the word out about volunteer and donation needs, as well as events.  To bridge the gap, Keleigh installed a Facebook feed right on the home page of the site.  This will help people navigate between the two sites and have quick access to the latest information.

The long-term goal of the site build will be to store more permanent items at and more transitory announcements and information on their social media page.