Event Collateral for SandSations

Event Collateral

Event Collateral Promotes Popular Long Beach Festival

Event Collateral?  That’s a fancy term for the brochures, rack cards, website and other tools used to promote a business or event.  We’ve been proud to have worked with the Long Beach Merchants Association for years to get the word out about their outstanding, volunteer-run events.  SandSations is a favorite among tourists and locals alike.

This year, we simplified sandsationslongbeach.com quite a bit, getting information in front of people quickly and directly.  Initial feedback has been strongly positive.  E-commerce, and other higher-end functions developed last year were retained while developing a new theme (look/feel) for the site.  The new interface not only makes it easier for visitors to find what they’re seeking, it makes editing the site a whole lot easier.  This was important because we turned the reins of editing over to one of the event chairs this year.  While not new to WordPress, the previous theme was a bit complex for a novice user.

The same event chair updated the brochure this year, and designed the rack card.  Our role was to make the files press-ready and get the print collateral in their hands in time for promotional activities.  To that end, we did two versions of the trifold brochure: one that we could print in-house digitally (and quickly!) and one that went to an offset press.

Our solutions are always designed to meet the unique needs of each of our customers rather than provide a cookie-cutter approach.  Sandsations event collateral is a great example of how we do just that!