Sabrina has a fan club.

One last note, I can’t say enough good things about Sabrina. She’s been incredibly patient with this newsletter process, never makes me feel stupid (I do enough of that myself), is very very quick to respond to my email requests for help and always so cheerful and positive. In short, she is doing a great job of modeling herself after [the beachdog way]!

Ann Kischner, Bridgewater Bistro

The website is my #1 priority for the next couple of weeks and I told Sabrina that it would really help me with writing text if I had kind of a feel for how she was proceeding with the ‘tone’ of the design end.

She was amazing!  She told me that if it would help my process at all, she’d be happy to give me something interactive from the site to get the juices flowing, and to just give her a couple of days to shoot something off to me.  Now, for all I know, she was thinking, “My God, these people have no idea what goes into web design—doesn’t this crazy person know how hard it is to design a site without the tex?!”  If she was thinking any of that (or anything negative at all) I certainly didn’t know it.  She was sweet as pie, totally helpful, and in every little thing she said to me, all I heard was “Yes, of course” or “I’d love to help make that happen for you.”  Now THAT is great customer service.

Actually, all I ever get from you people is great customer service.  …it’s almost like people love their jobs and the ones they work with over there…don’t you know this is America?  We’re all supposed to vote <insert your party name here> and be miserable!  Get with it!

On a serious note—the last time you and I communicated, you wrote me some very good words …and look, it worked; here I am at summer’s end, still happy and prosperous with a staff and a good base of customers who seem equally pleased with things.  Who knew?

Lynette Dowty, Anchorage Cottages