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We’ve moved!

Not to worry; is still available for your results-targeted graphic arts needs. Whether for a logo, brochure, business card, website, or other marketing tool, we’re still happily helping clients fill their pockets from beautiful Long Beach, Washington. Our hours are as creative as our people. Please get in touch… is a HOT PokèStop!

PokeStop?  What? A  PokeStop is, well, let’s go back to 1989 when Pokèmon was first imagined by Satoshi Tajiri, not coincidentally when the Nintendo Gameboy was also invented. The name Pokèmon comes from the Japanese brand Pocket Monsters (PokettoMonsutā). Most kids from the 90s grew up with the brightly colored Pokèmon cartridge for…

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Beachdog WordPress Site Hosting

Why do you own your hosting computers? Because we couldn’t find a hosting company that shared our high standards and commitment to customer service!  We put our trust in several companies that each failed us miserably when, as they will, things went wrong. Following a series of maddening experiences purchasing…

Kara AttheBeach dot com

Do you know Kara AttheBeach?

Community Calendar |  Facebook Friend Kara AttheBeach now has her own website,, and runs a community-driven Peninsula Community Calendar.  But who is Kara? Karadog was the founding dog of and inspiration for us here at  Long since crossing the Rainbow Bridge, Kara is now the namesake for a…

ho ho ho laughing all the way

No Mo Cold Toes!

A Sock Drive For Peninsulans In Need Grab a Flyer. Homeless people are on their feet all day, and the only pair of socks they own are very likely to be wet here on the Peninsula. In response to this need, Long Beach resident Randa Timmons, who has made more…

A Book For All Ages

Wesley is enjoying “Web Design for Babies 2.0 Geeked Out Lift-theFlap Edition” Board book by John Vanden-Heuvel. I was surprised, when first reading this gem, at how great a book it is for all ages. I shared it with a number of adults with varying degrees of geekdom (or lack…

We’re 18!

BIG thanks to everyone who helped us to our 18th birthday! Our clients ROCK!

Thank you for the flowers, JP!

We have the best danged clients in the world!

The Ultimate Personalized Gift!

Just think: You could be done shopping *before* Thanksgiving. To order, call Wendy at 360-642-4431 or message us with your contact info.