Holidays at the Beach is THIS weekend

I just love living here in teeny tiny town.  It is literally and figuratively the beach of my childhood.  I’ve talked with people about this 30 years older and 30 years younger than myself and all seem to agree that the spirit of the place hasn’t changed over time.  Okay, so those pre-teens 30 years younger don’t really know what they’re talking about yet, but still!

This weekend offers up a slice of that magic for locals and visitors alike.  Holidays at the Beach is a weekend of family fun co-sponsored by the City of Long Beach and the Long Beach Merchants Association and we’re blessed to work with both organizations.  The rack card we did for this year’s event is shown to the left.

Organizers Ragan Andrew and Steven Linhart took over the reins a few years ago and have really injected new energy into a 3-day series of events. I love their “ticket” idea; we perforated the rack card to include a tear-off ticket to the Friday night event.  Kids get to keep the weekend’s schedule (to which they attach ribbons, bells and the like) and the theater gets a ticket so they can track participation.  Well done, team!

Keith and I going to meet the two newest members of our family in California over Thanksgiving, so we’ll miss my favorite part of the holiday season here in Long Beach: the tree lighting and caroling.  The good news is that we’ll be back in time for Ilwaco’s “World’s Largest Crab Pot Christmas Tree” lighting and Boat Parade and also for Ocean Park’s tree lighting and cookie decorating party.  There’s also the Peninsula Player’s Christmas Play, PAPA’s Fiddler on the Roof, the Boys & Girls Club’s Holiday Home Tour, the B&B Association’s Open House and Tuba Christmas.  Staff parties!  Friend Gatherings!  Cookie Baking!  Present Wrapping! Whee!  I LOVE this place and this time of year!

Happy Thanksgiving to each of you.  May your holiday, and your year, be blessed.  :: Keleigh