Speaking of the Long Beach Merchants Association…

Of course we’re biased.  Keleigh’s on the Board of the Long Beach Merchants Association (LBMA) this year.  But our affection for the organization goes back to early exposure to their good works.  This small but mighty group of volunteers pays dues annually for the privilege of pushing up their sleeves to produce some of the best-known events in the state of Washington.

Ruth Ann Hocking has been producing music festivals longer than some LBMA members have been walking.  Her newest effort, the Long Beach Bluegrass Festival, went from zero to sixty in a short number of years and is already a top event in the Bluegrass world.  Way to go, Ruth Ann!

Jane Holeman and the rest of the mighty gang producing the Washington State International Kite Festival for nearly three decades, deserve platinum honors for putting on a week of colorful fun that really must be experienced to fully appreciate.

SandSations, the annual sand sculpture competition held in July, has a huge fan following, as does one of the newest events (for one of our oldest residents), Jake the Alligator Man’s Birthday Party.  We posted about Holidays at the Beach the other day and could ramble endlessly about the Beach to Chowder Run, Doggie Olympic Games, SummerFest… there are so many!

It was a pleasure to redesign their membership brochure as a pro-bono project this fall.  If you’re a merchant in the region, or just want to support their good works, click over to their site and send them some love.  ….or some dues!