Twitter: what? how? me?

We are often asked about Twitter; what it is, how it works and whether or not small business owners and non-profit organizations should engage.  The answer isn’t one-size-fits-all and, even if it were, to answer your question we first need to ask you, “Are you a tweeting personality or do you have one in your organization?”

So, here’s some overview information to help you find out.

Twitter is a social networking site where millions of people go to answer a simple question, “What are you doing?”

Twitter in Plain English is a 2.25 minute video that overviews what Twitter is and how it works:

Below is a nice, 9-minute overview of tips and tricks for using this tool:

Links noted in the video:

  • is, well, twitter.
  • – how often do you tweet, and what about?
  • – write it now; tweet it later
  • Twitterbar for Firefox – tweet from any web address
  • Twitter Karma – who are you following, and who is following you? Controlling friend and follower connections
  • – using your phone to tweet; you talk, it types
  • Twitter Backs – growing your Twitter presence
  • Twitter Resources on Twitter Backgrounds Gallery – lots of tips and how-to resources, including phone applications
  • Twitter Background Templates for Photoshop – allow you to tweak your Twitter theme
  • another source for Photoshop templates
  • and – desktop software for enhancing your Twitter experience; Mac or PC
  • Tweety – another program, just for the Mac

If we’ve left you more confused than when you arrived, odds are that you’re not Tweeter material.  Share this post with others in your organization to see if they might be.  Or, give us a jingle and let’s walk through it together.

Social networking is powerful, but only if you use it regularly and correctly.  Dangle a toe in those waters.  Get your feet wet.  Jump in.  Start wherever you’re comfortable.  If you enjoy your time in the online community at all, let us show you how to maximize the time you spend for the benefit of your operation.

And, if you don’t enjoy living in the digital world, it’s okay.  Not every marketing trick fits every person or even every organization.  And thank goodness for that!   I hereby give you permission to let yourself off the hook.

Feel better?

If you still think you should be engaging in social networking but don’t want to do it yourself, we can help.   Email the web team at: or give us a jingle at 360.642.4431.