Stormin’ Norman’s is Online!

Stormin' Norman's Long Beach WA

Online sales are not in the Stormin’ Norman’s business plan and yet not having a website in 2016 says something about a business – and it’s not a good thing.  It was time to bite the bullet and get an online presence.  At the same time, since there was no plan to use the site to generate revenue, it was important to keep costs to a minimum. is a great example of what we call an “online brochure.”  The goal of this type of site is to put contact information in front of customers already looking for a business, as well as give visitors an idea what the business is about, echoing the store’s brand and visual identity. 

Because search engines aren’t part of the marketing plan, the amount and quality of content isn’t an issue.  A site of this type doesn’t need a lot of pages, and doesn’t need a lot of words for search engines to index.  We usually aren’t concerned with how long a visitor stays on the site, or competing with other sites for visitor traffic.

As a result of not having to think of the myriad of things such as these that we consider in designing the architecture of most websites, we can work quickly and efficiently.  The end result is a site that does its job effectively, giving the business a online calling card that is responsive to multiple sizes of monitors and types of devices, representing them well.  It makes a strong first impression, and it does so on a tight budget.