Ri Ruv Roo!

Lost Roo Logo Development, CollateralIt’s not nice to tease you, talking about the Lost Roo before she’s solidly open.  But I just couldn’t wait to show you the fun things Roo Keepers Mark and Helen Johnson have been working on.  Helen put a lot of detail focus on getting her logo roos just right and her perseverence has paid off.  You can see these increasingly familiar forms atop the silo on the building now and they’re starting to pop up amongst the rocks in the yard.  Once inside you’ll find these happy hoppers most everywhere–if you look closely!

Mark and Helen are quite smart about their branding and identity development and it has been an absolute joy to work with them on a variety of branding projects as they’ve prepared the restaurant for opening.  Wendy and I can honestly say we’ve never made 8-foot roo patterns before.  Stay tuned; our web hounds will be giving you a peek at the newly designed Lost Roo website any day now.