It's a sad day at


Our beachdog family suffered a loss today.  Wendy’s 16 year-old Pumpkin crossed the rainbow bridge.

Pumpkin was an amazing girl I called her my cat dog because she was so independent and aloof she would let you pet her if she felt like it. She would let you admire her beauty.  She was the healthiest animal I ever knew.

When we first moved to the beach she would get on the beach and run so far and fast that one time I had to flag down a stranger for a ride to chase her down the beach loosing my Tiffany key chain and keyless entry in the process.

My favorite was when we lived in Portland and I found myself in the turn lane on 82nd avenue buck naked except for (thank God) my bathrobe–no shoes, nothing, trying to catch her.

Our neighbor told me this morning he would have people regularly tell him they saw a coyote in his yard. I was asked many times if she was a fox, such a pretty animal she was. Once she mellowed out she really truly became a perfect pet. I don’t think I will ever have another dog who will measure up.


Please join us in sending Wendy, Del, Royce and Avary some soft puppy kisses.