Friends & Family Blogs

Blogs (web logs, or online diaries) are a great way to stay connected with friends & family, or customers.  Besides the fact that they are super-easy to update, and because most allow your visitors to comment on what you write, the super-cool thing is RSS feeds.  RSS, or “really simply syndication” essentially delivers what you write to your subscribers email box or RSS feed software.  Whoosh!

On the right is a blog that grew out of a family reunion.  Interested family members are able to upload photos and each has their own login for posting updates from their corner of the world.  On the left is a blog that allows friends and family to keep track of a hospitalized loved one’s progress.  It replaced phone and email trees and allows everyone to stay in touch at the time of day that is most convenient to them, all without further burdening the family.

For businesses, we like to set up domain-based, customized blogs.  Both of the samples shown here are nearly “out of the box” templates.  Using templates makes it super easy and inexpensive to get started on your own.  Blogger is a great way for anyone to get started blogging.  WordPress is our favorite.  Both are free!