Inn at Manzanita, Oregon

Inn at Manzanita

The Inn at Manzanita: Conversion from old school HTML to database-driven, responsive HTML 5

The goals of the Inn at Manzanita project were:

  • Make the site look as up to date as the Inn, while keeping existing visual branding
  • Make the site responsive to mobile devices
  • Bring the code into current standards.  This helps Google rank and makes updating easier and less expensive.

To meet these goals, we took text and photos from the Inn’s live site and dropped them into a new WordPress site.  We developed a theme, a look/feel, that kept the Inn’s branding while bringing the site into current web standards and site visitor expectations.  Next was increasing the number and size of photos on the site.

We especially like the sub-menu in the Rooms section, and the slideshows throughout that allow visitors to see a lot of information without it feeling overwhelming.

The Mainstreet page has a unique presentation of links to other businesses in the neighborhood.  Check it out!