Google's Local Business Center

Whether you’re hopping on the QR code wagon or not, Google’s Local Business Center is a not-to-be-overlooked tool for your business.  The free service lets you customize the information that appears for your business in Google Maps–including the opportunity to correct your location if needed.

ZDnet had a nice post on the Local Business Center and Google’s Favorite Places last month. Did you catch it?  Favorite paragraph:

Whether you love Google or hate Google, the search engine – as well as the Google maps app on some of the most popular smartphones – has become the “Yellow Pages” of this generation. I know it’s how I find businesses and more when I’m out and about. Beefing up a Google listing is a quick, cheap and easy way for local businesses to make themselves more available and accessible to a larger mobile audience.

Last time I checked, that was a good thing for small businesses.