Are QR codes really going to catch on in the USA?

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ShopSavvy is a mobile application by “Big in Japan,” who is self-defined as “a mobile application publishing company based in Dallas, Texas. Our developers build applications for mobile devices including Google’s Android platform, Apple’s iPhone, RIM, Windows Mobile and Palm’s Pre. Our team supports the requirements and needs of consumers, developers and advertisers. Our core focus is on publishing applications developed either in-house or by third party developers. On occasion we will do client development if the project is compelling. Past clients include FOX Television, FX Network, LEGO, TechData, The Federal Reserve, Visa and MTV.”

December 1, 2009 post on their blog: “…why ShopSavvy doesn’t read QR codes. The answer is twofold, a) manufacturers and retailers in the US and Europe don’t use QR codes and b) QR aren’t typically related to product identification. The simple answer is that QR codes don’t have much of anything to with shopping and ShopSavvy is all about shopping“.

December 31st 2009 post on their blog: “Here are some of the changes (ShopSavvy 3.6 for Android)… QR Code Support – supporting ALL QR codes including URL redirect, contact, phone number, sms, new app install AND Google’s Favorite Places Stickers“

What a difference a year makes!