Getting Your Broadcast Email Read

We talk a fair amount about how to cut down the spam in your own in box.  But what about when you want to send a group, or broadcast, email to your customers?  Especially in light of recent changes at Google, Yahoo, Hotmail and the like, who are ‘conveniently’ separating…


Spam doesn’t just come in a can anymore

Quite a few of our clients have experienced a dramatic increase in spam in recent weeks.  Spam rolls like that; it will hit one site HARD and then spider out to each of the links it finds there. Meanwhile, the servers that host all this spam traffic have to remain…


Small Biz Saturday One Day Sale

Email to get started or request a gift certificate (good through 1pm on Sunday, Nov 25, 2012).  



It’s important to be compliant when sending e-mail campaigns. Rules have been set by the Federal Trade Commission to protect consumers, and breaking those rules could be costly. Violators may face penalties of up to $16,000 per each separate e-mail! It sounds scary, but compliance is rather simple. Following is…


Serif vs Sans Serif

We get this question from time to time so I thought I’d share an excerpt from Print Industry’s June newsletter: “Serif vs. Sans Serif” Typefaces and Legibility Serifs are the little strokes on the ends of letterforms. You will see them on such typefaces as Times, Baskerville, Garamond, and Palatino….


What's the difference between branding, advertising, marketing and public relations?

I overheard Keleigh the other day, explaining to a client the difference between the branding, marketing and advertising products and services provided here at, and Public Relations, which we leave to specialists in PR.  The terminology of the industry can be confusing, so I thought I’d share a little…


GREAT price on 20# bond paper

While we’re very committed to shopping locally, Astoria/Warrenton may be the closest place to buy office paper by the ream.  So, fellow merchants, here’s a great coupon offer (pdf) on 20# office paper, good at the new Staples in Warrenton.  $20 for a case of Hammermill that works in inkjet…


Brad Worthley Coming To South Bend Apr 11

UPDATE: We’re shutting down the shop on Monday so we can all attend this workshop. Hope to see you there! Brad Worthley is a acclaimed customer service trainer whose client list includes Macys, Nordstrom, McDonalds, Alaska Airlines and Western Union, as well as small and medium organizations from a variety…


How do Small Businesses Waste Money?

Free Contact Forms – Did you find this infographic useful?


6 Social Media Decisions You Need to Make Now

The Internet is very much like a toolbox. You have a problem, you go to the toolbox, select a tool and fix your problem. But, with so many options, the question becomes: Which tool is best? Should you devote some of your budget to a public relations campaign or to…