Brad Worthley Coming To South Bend Apr 11

UPDATE: We’re shutting down the shop on Monday so we can all attend this workshop. Hope to see you there!

Brad Worthley is a acclaimed customer service trainer whose client list includes Macys, Nordstrom, McDonalds, Alaska Airlines and Western Union, as well as small and medium organizations from a variety of industries. His mission? To help organizations create service cultures: A place where employees love to work and customers love to do business.

Brad equips companies with dynamic customer service and leadership essentials. Brad’s research shows that it is easy to change people, but unless the leadership has undergone specialized training on how to manage a service culture, the employees will revert back to their old ways within 90 days.

  • Eliminate office politics
  • Increase employee retention
  • Increase employee performance
  • Increase customer retention
  • Increase sales
  • Increase profits

Renowned for captivating his audiences, many have referred to his lively presentations as “shows”.

  • Brad keeps seminar participants entertained while helping them retain the information they learn.
  • He is a master storyteller and delivers his powerful message from the customer’s perspective.

Thanks to the Willapa Harbor Chamber of Commerce and the Long Beach Peninsula Visitors Bureau, you can attend a Brad Worthley seminar in  your own back yard on April 11th.  In fact, you can even afford to bring–or send–your front line employees!  These two organizations are subsidizing the cost of the workshop, making it only $10 each – INCLUDING LUNCH!  If you’re a member of the Willapa Harbor Chamber (details), it’s only $5!  You can’t beat that.

You want a sweeter deal still? Okay, how’s this?  Pacific Transit will take care of transportation to South Bend if only 15 Peninsulans register to take them up on the deal by April 1st.  Free transportation, free lunch, and only $5-10 for a speaker one would typically pay $50 to see?  Come on!

Register: Contact the Willapa Harbor Chamber at 360-942-5419 or