Kindle Book Benefits Local No-Kill Shelter

Local author Anne Nixon has a new book out, and it’s about her two cats, adopted from South Pacific County Humane Society. The picture book, perfect for all ages, features Skooter and Bandit, kitty brothers, and their day-to-day adventures.  We turned Anne’s photos and text into a picture book and…

Willapa Blending: Natural Goodness

Congratulations to Jim & Gary of Willapa Blending! We’ve been developing product labeling with them and now have launched a website. The products are incredible – beachdog-tested and approved! These gentlemen had been playing with label designs and had an idea of what they wanted.  As a start-up, they also…

Mmmm. Pie.

It’s great to see the banner we did for Simpli Edibles is doing its job well. They sold out both days last weekend!

Baker Family Reunion

Many of the descendants of Geroge & Fidelia Baker had not yet met when they began planning their Wisconsin reunions in a Facebook Group.  When they decided they wanted tee shirts to identify to which branch of the family each belonged, they realized they’d need a website for ordering the…

group travel long beach

Group Travel to Long Beach

Long Beach Package Travel’s new logo and site debuted this week. Here’s another site we recently gutted and rebuilt. WordPress makes it cost-effective to change the look & feel of a site because the content can easily remain the same. This site is worth a click just to see the…

Journey Magazine!

A hearty congrats to Northwest Carriage Museum for snagging the backstory in the May/June issue of Journey Magazine! Have you visited since they opened the new addition to the building recently? Wow!

NW Carriage Museum: Heroes of the day!

Wow! What a wonderful surprise to receive homemade goodies from Northwest Carriage Museum! Laurie, you are so kind! Don’t fret, Wendy, we put some in the freezer for your return (now you have to come back!). We really do have the BEST clients! ‪#‎spoiled‬ ‪#‎grateful‬

Got beef?

Our favorite local source for grass fed, hormone- and antibiotic-free beef now has a brand new logo, along with forms, website, Facebook and Google+ pages.  Dr. Ed and Lance are taking orders now for vac-packed meat ready mid-March. Wendy is working up their social media while Keleigh built Check…

An Outstanding Cannon Beach, OR Gallery

We’re super pleased to announce the launch of the new website! It’s been an inspiring project.  A complete rebuild of the former site, this new marketing tool is fully responsive (aka mobile-friendly) and has a number of gallery and other tools the owners can edit on their own.

Nice press!

The card designed for South Pacific County Humane Society in Long Beach, WA is picking up steam. Yay! It’s gratifying when the cards sell out because we know we’ve made a solid contribution to the cause.  Cards are available online, at the Shelter, and at our lobby here at…