Working in Long Beach

We heard gull squawking outside, a bit louder than the normal melody at this time of day so Keith ventured outside.  Turns out a Bald Eagle has caught a gull and the rest of its clan is yelling at Mr. America.  A fellow washing his car next door watched the capture and reported, with awe, that the Eagle caught the gull mid-flight.

Sabrina just noted the Eagle cry we’ve been hearing was the parent calling for his immature offspring, who has just arrived. What a gift to watch the nature’s less gentle side unfolding out our windows.

I love this town.  As sad as this afternoon is for that poor gull,  this kind of drama beats the heck out of drive-by shootings, armed robberies, and the other crazy stuff that happens in the cities.

Spring has arrived at the beach.  And it is good.

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