They're Baaaack!

Many of you are aware that our owners, Keith and myself (Keleigh), have been out of the office for a couple of months.  I’m more than delighted to report that we are once again on the Peninsula and, better still, my cancer is in remission!  W00t!

I haven’t been released to return to work just yet but I show up just about daily for a few hours to do a bit of this-n-that.  I can’t think of anywhere else I’d rather be on a daily basis, so it must be good for me.  Besides, staying home was making me nuts!

I’m asking friends to please feel free to drop in and visit me at home but to refrain from the same when they see my car at the office.  My time here at is very limited and I need to spend it wisely.

Clients, I’m taking a very limited number of appointments, but you can call the office (360-642-4431) and Wendy or Sabrina will fit you in as needed.  Honestly, Wendy, Sabrina and Ethan did such a great job while I was away, I hardly feel needed around here.  I think my 12+ hour days may be in my past (yay!).  It’s pretty clear that we have a great team in place right now, based on all the positive feedback received from YOU.  Thanks for letting me know how they were doing!

I have to share this photo with you, which could as well be me at that age.  It was taken by Becky Johnson at Sandsations this past month.

Here’s to a prosperous, healthy and FUN summer!