Surf Perch Derby

The Lions Club here on the Peninsula throws a great Surf Perch Derby each May.  One of our web interns designed and built them a site quite a number of years ago that has served the event well.  However, with the changes in the web the past couple of years, with more emphasis on sites being responsive (aka mobile-friendly) among other things, it was past time for an update.

To make the project quick and affordable, we started with a pre-designed WordPress theme, customizing it to fit the branding and content needs of the Derby.  It’s important, when choosing a pre-designed theme, to use one from the WordPress Repository, or from an author or re-seller you know can be trusted.  There are a lot of “free” themes out there that come complete with built-in spyware and other nefarious code.  Don’t spend hours customizing a theme only to find out it does something like list your site in Google with all links going to the theme developer rather than your site!

Please join us in thanking the Lions, Kiwanis and Rotary clubs that do so much to benefit our communities!