Fall seems to be rubber stamp season

What is it about the onset of Fall that has so many of us getting ducks in a row?

One of the products we get a lot of orders for at this time of year is rubber stamps.  Whether for business use, personal address or craft projects, or as gifts, rubber stamps have been increasingly popular the past few years.

All of our stamps are top-quality, laser-engraved and made to last.  We can make them teeny tiny or as large as a sheet of paper (and probably larger; we simply haven’t tried!).  Beyond the aesthetic that pleases you, there are reasons for choosing one type of stamp over another.

custom rubber stampsArt-Mounted Stamps are typically the least expensive; usually rubber on a wood block with mounting foam, sometimes with a handle.  Art-Mounted stamps are super flexible because you can use any color ink pad with them.

custom self inking stamp Self-Inking Stamps are convenient when you only plan to use one or two colors of ink in the imprint.  The stamp imprint flips up to rest on an installed ink pad and flips down when you press to stamp.  That means no repetitive motion to an ink pad.  Most are graded to imprint 10,000-15,000 impressions between re-inkings of the pad, which you can easily do yourself.

pre-inked stampsPre-Inked Stamps have an imprint impregnated with ink.  Simply uncap and stamp!  These are graded to last for more impressions than self-inking stamps so, while they cost a little more, they are a great value when you need your stamp to hold up for the long haul, 50,000 to 100,000 impressions.  You can add ink easily at any time by squeezing it by the drop into the stamp’s receptacle. These stamps usually have the clearest impression – which is a good or bad thing, depending upon the desired effect.

Some of the custom projects on which we’ve worked:

  • Forms
  • Bank Stamps
  • Signatures
  • Return Address – Business & Personal
  • Logos
  • Numbering
  • Notary
  • Photos Converted to Stamps
  • Paw & Hand Prints Converted to Stamps
  • Monograms
  • Custom Artwork
  • Jewelry Making
  • Clay Stamping
  • Tag Stamps
  • Fabric Stamps

Just a few things our stamps have been used for:

  • Stamp with bleach onto tissue paper or dark fabric for branded accessories
  • Stamp onto card stock: price tags, business cards and more
  • Iron /stamp to burn out velvet
  • Stamp onto fabric ribbon to make tags
  • Stamp onto paper bags
  • Stamp using opaque white ink – less expensive than offset press and allowed for short runs
  • Creating custom post-it notes and note pads
  • New Homeowner Gift: Custom Return Address
  • Wedding/Shower Gifts: Custom Monogram Stamp

The possibilities are endless!

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