Small Business Management

We can’t say enough good things about the Small Business Management Program at Clatsop Community College.  Keith and Keleigh went through the 3-year program and have been in the alumni class for as long.  Not only is it a wonderful program for folks new to running their own business, it really fills in the gaps for those who fell into entrepreurship by passion for their product or service rather than business training.

At Clatsop, the instructor is an amazing human being by the name of Jim Entler.  The best part of the program, in our opinion, is the one-on-one time with Jim, right here in our office.  We got to visit with him monthly while we were in the 3-year program and now get him once a term.  While the coursework follows a pre-planned curriculum, the on-site visits allow instructors to meet business owners where they are and deal with real-world issues of the moment.  We’ve watched our friends and clients use the expertise of the program to build a business, sell one, retire completely, buy new, open new locations – you name it.  We’ve grown from a 1-1/2 person mom and pop shop to the outstanding staff and service offerings we have now, with help from the program every step of the way.

Jim invited us to speak at the North West Association of Small Business Management Instructors (NWASBMI) Fall Conference this past week and we were delighted to accommodate the request.  What a great group of people.  If you are in business, and we’re guessing you are if you’ve made it this far into reading this, please, give yourself the gift of checking out the program closest to you.  We don’t know a single business owner who has regretted the decision to enroll.

You can read the handout of our talk, Mom & Pops…& the internet. Can small business compete?:

Here is the Seaside Small Biz Development Center, where SBM classes are held once a month: