Ready For a Skate Park, Long Beach?

Wendy Murry, Skate Park Long BeachMost of you know Wendy as our always smiling and helpful receptionist.  Some of you have been lucky enough to know her as an excellent WordPress and Social Media trainer.  Every once in awhile, she surprises all of us and joins the web development team!  Now you know where she gets her title of “Jack Russell of All Trades.”

The Long Beach Peninsula Community Skate Park has long been a passion of Wendy’s family, and a lot of other people.  The reality of a quality skate park now appears to be just around the corner!

Wendy donated her time to build as a fundraising and informational source as the skate park community works to gather resources.  On the site, you can make a donation, check out the proposed park designer, and meet donors and board members. Better still, you can learn why the park is important as well as how to get involved.