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Rent a Professional: Gauger Media Services

Selling your business can be the largest and most important transaction of your career. For maximum profit and safety, the sale should be confidentially managed by a field-specific, experienced professional.  For the publishing business, that’s Gauger Media Services of Raymond, Washington:

Dave has experience analyzing franchise value and market strength in the world of publishing.  Sellers wanting to ensure their interests are protected are well-served when they make the decision to put this experienced newspaper sales negotiator to work for them.   

What does an experienced newspaper man to do to market his services in an internet world?  He rents a pro!

Dave came to an internet marketing class Keleigh taught and realized instantly the two spoke the same language of marketing.  His website needed some content refreshing but more, it needed new technology.  Dropping existing site content into a pre-made theme kept costs down while quickly creating a mobile-friendly presentation. customized the theme with Gauger Media Services’ logo, colors, and a variety of traditional publishing images.  The result is a cohesive look that gives a heavy nod to traditional publishing while putting forth a modern presentation attractive to potential customers.

Since the primary function of the site is to get site visitors to contact Dave, we put a contact form on every page of the site.  This consistent placement makes it simple for users to take action the instant they make the decision to do so.

Search optimization was not part of the project (or Gauger Media Services’ marketing plan) so we saved budget by only doing minimal work in this area, freeing up time and budget for image research and a few extras.  Dave’s favorite is the “Classy Ads” presentation.  This page sports a clipboard with multiple inner pages of content that are easy for him to edit.  The pencil used as a navigation tool is another special request Dave was thrilled we could accommodate.