Tune in! Beachdog.com Radio

beachdog.com radio


We’ve installed several kinds of online radio stations:

  • Musician.  You need a place to show your work!  These can be done with simple or fancy interfaces, and allow you to sell downloads of your music, if you like.
  • Background Music.  Maybe you don’t need or want to pay for the rights to play professional music files, but you do want some background music on your site.  We can direct you to some sites that offer free music files.  You choose a file or two, and we insert a player into your site.  The one on this page is an example.
  • Playlist Feed.  Some of our clients like to create playlists on pay-to-play sites like SoundCloud, ShoutCast and Spotify.  We can customize a player for you and feed those playlists to your site.  These are a bit more expensive to set up but then become very easy for you to customize through the playlist site, making them also the most flexible and fun.
  • Podcasts.  These aren’t a lot different than Playlist feeds.  The biggest difference is the files are words rather than music.
  • Radio Feed (of a Radio Station).  Easy-Peasy!  If you’re already broadcasting, we can get your feed onto your site, in your choice of player designs.  Check out CoastRadio.org.

If you decide to put sound on your site, it’s important to remember that not all visitors will appreciate your efforts.  Always give them the ability to turn the sound on and off, and never start a clip with “autoplay.”

. . . . . . . Update: November, 2016 . . . . . . .

Sadly, we’ve shut down our radio station.  It became too costly to have up as a demo of what we can do for you.  Why?  Because we hosted some songs that became popular, which made our station popular, and we had to pay for all the bandwidth.  We just don’t install enough of these tools to warrant the cost of hosting one as a demo. 

For the same reason, you won’t find links to client installs here.  It wouldn’t be right for us to increase their bandwidth!  However, if you’re seriously interested in music or podcasts for your site, we woudl be happy send you a few links to see our work.