Why would a portable toilet company need a website?

evergreen portable toilets

A simple internet search for “porta-potty rental Long Beach WA” can cost you.

It works like this: You Google “Porta Potty Long Beach Peninsula” and several companies show in the results.  Wow!  Who knew there were so many options here on our little Peninsula?  You choose one and make an agreement for a rental.

Your portable toilets arrive, delivered by Evergreen Portable Toilets.  What’s this?  Evergreen isn’t the company you hired.

You discover that all but a couple of the companies in your search results aren’t local.  You’re paying more than necessary, because the out-of-town company you hired is ordering portables from the local company, marking them up, and reselling to you.  Worse, your rental agreement means there is nothing the good people who delivered your sani-cans can do to alleviate this extra cost.

This is why a website is so important for a company you might not necessarily think needs a website.  We were able to get Evergreen Portable Toilets owners Claude & Connie Noyes into a simple, affordable site with the information their customers need to make an informed decision. 

If you have ever attended an event with a bank of honey buckets, you understand why it is so important to go with a reputable company. Evergreen Portable Toilets provides clean and well-kept portable toilets at an affordable price. Along with standard portable toilets they provide portable toilets with sinks, handicap accessible toilets, free standing wash stations and RV servicing.  Visit EvergreenPortableToilets.com for everything you need to know.