3 Fun Print/Design Projects

crab pot decal

The Crab Pot decals came in last week.

I LOVE these stickers!  The size is perfect at 4″ x 6″; with the oval shape they are eye catching AND visible.  But what I really like about them is the sticker stock + UV lamination.  It gives them almost a pearlescent shine. 

The artwork is classic Crab Pot, with just enough information, but not so much that the viewer is overwhelmed.  “Crabby Sue” & Sean Moretz like them too; this was a re-order.

pie sold here!Simpli Pie

A year or so ago, Marci and Don asked for caricatures of each of the four family members involved in their Simpli Edibles business.  I won’t lie to you, the one of Marci is my absolute favorite.  It captures her laugh and constant motion!  This year, we’re incorporating the Marci character, and sometimes the Don character, into most of the marketing collateral for Simpli Edibles. 

Their new sign board is a great example.  The board itself is pretty nifty.  It’s got good heft itself to stay up in normal weather.  When things grow windier, it can be filled with sand or water to weight it down.  The sign panel is a plastic corrugate (like cardboard made of plastic) that can be easily changed out.  This way it’s super fast and easy to change panels and keep the sign in use.

Simpli Bobo

Recently, a long-time friend and co-worker came to visit and immediately went to work for Simpli Edibles.  Marci commissioned a caricature for her as a gift.  It was a quickie; not my best work, but Bobo says it looks just like her and not to change a thing.  I get the feeilng when Bobo puts her foot down, it’s best to listen.  So there ya go!