Is it possible to be TOO HOT?!

Dogs die in hot cars

This isn’t a celebrity blog so we’re going to go with “yes”.

DogsDieHotCarsPets Can Die in Hot CarsPets have already died this year in hot cars in the Pacific Northwest.  Our overcast days are deceptive; it still gets HOT quickly inside the car.

We have two public service announcement flyers you can print to help get the word out.  Click an image for a closer look.

“DOGS DIE IN HOT CARS” is a full-color, 3-to-a-page “rack card” that tells the story of how quickly temperatures can rise.   PDF

“Pets Can DIE in Hot Cars” is a letter-size flyer that prints in black, preferably on a bright orange or yellow paper as a caution sign.  PDF

These PSAs are available year-round on our local no-kill shelter’s website,

Photo: Huff Post