He turned my frown upside down!

So what’s gotten me into this amazingly grateful mood, on the heels of grousing about things like medical insurance, taxes, and how much these super-cool beach dogs cost us in payroll and benefits each month?  I received this unsolicited email from one of our clients earlier this week:

Subject:  A couple of thoughts regarding the web site and business

1) People keep calling because they like our web site.  I don’t have time to go to the refrigerator for a cold one.
2) We could have rented the cottage at least 15 times for the Fourth of July.
3) We have had at least seven or eight calls for this week, or this weekend.
4) We are booked almost solid to Labor Day.
5) Someone just asked if we accept reservations for next year.
6) If we had room for a couple more cottages, the web site would pay for itself in a couple of weeks, not a couple of months.

Why is this?
1) Our place looks good to prospective guests.  Nice pictures, clear, simple text.  I’ll take credit for my part, but only my part.  Sabrina deserves credit, as well.
2) Clean, intuitive navigation.  Sabrina did that.
3) The ability to modify content has not yet made a noticeable difference, but will.  It allows us to keep the site current.  Sabrina, Kathy and Karl have been a big help there.

I’ve looked at other sites.  The ones I don’t like fail to deliver on the points just mentioned.  Home grown web sites are often a bad idea.  Lack of relevant experience shows, it really shows.

That’s all I have to say right now.  The phone isn’t ringing, time for a cold one.

Thanks,  R.

We work hard, it’s true.  And here’s why–we believe in our mission and notes like the above prove that we’re meeting those ideals.  So thanks to you, R., and to each and every one of you who shares their successes with us!

Our Mission:
to do outstanding work | to return something to our community  |  to make profits for our clients and ourselves | to enjoy ourselves and be proud of what we do