10 minutes. BIG impact.

1.  Watch this:

2. QR Codes are popping up all over the Peninsula, with or without Google.  Do yourself a favor and acquaint yourself with the technology.  This NY Times article is a good place to start.  We’re very lucky to have a national QR expert living on the Peninsula; Rick Schimelpfenig of QRable.com.  Check out his site for good info, readers and more.  Ask him about his recent interview with Time magazine.

3.  Whether you want to catch the QR wave or not, this next step is just plain good for your business:  Go to the Google Local Business Center, spend 1 minute opening an account and another few minutes claiming your business location and filling out the form with your business’ information.  Why?  Because this is how you control Google showing your business in exactly the right location on its maps and also how you get their nifty pop-up window to show your hours, logo, photos, and more.  Want to see what a ‘tricked out’ listing looks like?  Go to maps.google.com and search for ‘beachdog.com’.  Compare that to the results for ‘1515 Pacific Avenue N., Long Beach WA’ (also our address; one we don’t use).  Which result would you rather see for your business?