Fort Clatsop Bookstore

If you haven’t been over to Fort Clatsop for awhile, it’s worth a day trip. The bookstore is a great place for gifts and hard-to-find Lewis & Clark books and memorabilia. Be sure to grab a copy of the poster with all the locator icons on it that we did a few years ago! We’ve converted some of the icons for stitchery and all of them for screen and process printing projects over the years.

The Fort property has great trails, from easy and short to longer, more adventurous hikes. Personally, I like to explore the Interpretive Center and visit the Fort when living historians are on site.

But my favorite time to visit is <surprise!> Seaman Day when the local Newfoundland Dog Club comes out to celebrate one of their own, the Newfie that joined the Corps on their trek.

Please forgive the poor pic from my old iPad!  It shows a recent reprint of business cards and book marks we designed for the Lewis & Clark National Park Association, which runs the bookstore at Fort Clatsop.