important facebook housekeeping

It’s happened to a number of our clients.  They log in to facebook only to find that their profile has been posting on their behalf.  Aaack!

We have a client who isn’t the most techno-saavy person.  She’s only been on facebook for a few weeks and is really just starting to get oriented to the amazing and wonderful power and diversity of the platform.  So I was a bit surprised to get a post to my wall this morning:

I zapped her a quick email that I then thought may be useful for more of you:

Unless you really got a free iPad (which I find highly doubtful), do this:

  1. Log into facebook.
  2. Go to:
  3. Delete ALL applications you’re not using by clicking the blue ‘x’ to the right.
  4. In the upper right hand corner, click ‘account’ then, center of the page, click ‘password’.  Change yours.
  5. Now click the ‘notifications’ tab (these tabs go across the top of the white part of the page).
  6. Review this page and change any checked boxes to your preferences.

That should keep facebook apps from having access to more than you prefer, and posting on your behalf.

So tell me, beachdog fans, is this useful info for you, or old hat?