Discovery Coast Real Estate

We had so much fun recently, working with Cheri and Charlie Diehl as they launched their new real estate brokerage, Discovery Coast Real Estate.  Charlie came up with the logo concept and did all the prelminary design work.  We started by digitizing Charlie’s design and converting it to a few different formats.  This allows them to take their logo artwork to any advertising or print vendor and have the vendor use high-quality logo artwork.  This will keep their look consistent and crisp.

Cheri has always done a great job with her own real estate blog, so we made the new brokerage site blog-based.  This allows Cheri to edit the site herself, adding regular blog posts and keeping her page content current.  Google loves that!  Check out their new website,

We gave Cheri a quick tutorial in her new online tools and she was off and running.  She had updated posts in the blog before it had officially launched to the public.  Way to go, Cheri!

Once the logo and site design were firmed up, the next projects were updating their broadcast email template, business cards and letterhead so that all used the same look and feel.  We did a couple of different sizes of web and advertising banners, again keeping the visual identity of the new brokerage consistent in the eye of their customers.

We love our cards, our signs, our blog, just  …everything!  Thanks to you guys….

Charlie and Cheri have done a great job of keeping their brand consistent and we’ve really enjoyed working with them to make it happen.  Congratulations on your new venture, Diehls! :-}