Custom Crochet Site Gets A Facelift

custom crochet web site

Custom Crochet, Custom Dog Collars, Baby Props and More! is one of our “pet” projects (pun intended!).  Not only is this custom crochet site a fundraising arm of our favorite no-kill shelter, South Pacific County Humane Society, it’s run by Keleigh’s mom.

Bonnie is a master crochet artist and seamstress. For the past several years, she’s been donating her time, talent and treasure to the shelter through the creation and sale of custom crochet and other artisan handcrafts. 

Beautiful dog collars, leashes and matching key fobs started the effort, along with donation vests for the Great Danes and other volunteer dogs to wear when out in public.  Soon, custom crochet scarves took center stage, and then custom crochet baby items – props, blankets, sweaters… Oh! The adorable designs!  Most recently, custom crochet mermaid and shark tail blankets have been popular, as have been a variety of custom crocheted hats.

This writer’s personal favorite just might be the crocheted shark socks.  Or maybe the crocheted fish hats.  Then again, having a collar, leash and key chain that match, in my favorite colors, is pretty nifty.   How is one to choose?  The good news is that 100% of the sales go directly to the operating fund of South Pacific County Humane Society.  Bonnie donates not only her time and talent but pays for all the materials as well.  There’s an effort worthy of support!

While she didn’t write her website a “Dear John” letter (ha ha ha), Bonnie was ready for an overhaul of her marketing collateral, so we started with her logo, then used it to retool her web site.  Next up will be new business cards, note cards, rubber stamps, labels, and packaging materials.  We’ll show them to you soon.  In the meanwhile, enjoy!


 rubber stamps, sales collateralrubber stamps, sales collateral