Coast Community Radio

Congratulations on your new website KMUN 91.9 Coast Community Radio. This site is a great place to find out program schedules, listen to what is currently playing or dig through the audio archives. You can also find loads of information about north coast community events and interests.

This project was particularly challenging for a number of reasons.  First, the previous site was the result of a long-time process of connecting volunteer efforts, resulting in multiple domains and hosting platforms serving as one website.  That meant a lot of thoughts – and links – dead-ended and it was very easy to get lost.  It wasn’t really serving the station or listeners.  It also meant a challenging process to extract the data.

The new site needed custom programming to provide two calendars, one for programming and one for events.  It needed to accommodate a variety of media types, including bandwidth-hungry podcasts and live broadcast of two stations.  It also needed to incorporate feed from outside websites, communicate well the station and foundation’s mission, vision and function, while simultaneously serving content needs of a largely educated and information-hungry listener-ship.  The end product would have multiple editors, responsible for a variety of sections of the site.

They had a logo they loved, and a desire to keep it simple and straightforward, while serving many needs and goals.  We love a challenge!

The resulting site continues to evolve.  Now that the Board has seen what the site can do, and has all its moving parts under control, they continue to look at the site through the lens of providing information in a way that serves the greatest number of listeners and supporters.

Staff and volunteers are trained, and doing a great job managing all the moving parts of the site to provide accurate and current information daily.  They’re an inspiration to us; what happens to the site after we launch it and turn it over to a client is largely out of our hands.  It’s exciting to see so many people engaged in making it grow and become better!

Watch for some fun tools we gave them, like a donation thermometer that appears in the header during a funding drive!