There’s Big Impact in Small Cards

Funland Card

Full color business cards are very affordable.  Smart business owners use them for all kinds of things besides, er, business cards.  Here are a few things we’ve printed in the business card size over the years:

  • Coupons – Easy to tuck in a wallet, everyone has somewhere to tuck a card.  Create an added value or discount coupon enticing enough to make your customers carry them around.
  • Tickets – Further the branding of your event with inexpensive, full color tickets!
  • Additional Use Cards – How about handing out a recipe with your vegetables or instructions for using your product in an unexpected way?
  • Product Introduction Cards – Are you testing a new product, or releasing one?  Cards are an inexpensive way to introduce with a photo and promotional copy.
  • Product Information Cards – These make great shelf sitters for products that sell after a little more thought.  The customer can read more, and take product information with them, along with ordering instructions.  Another popular use is adding ingredients lists to baked goods or other artisan-made products.
  • Trading Cards – Popular with kids of all ages!  We also do standard collector card sizes for sports teams.  This size works especially well for business-to-business collection promotions.
  • Gift Tags – Perfect for holiday gifts to your customers, we’ve also done quite a few of these for individuals.
  • Gifts – Cards make great gifts!  You could put a recipe on it, or someone’s favorite quote or even photos of children, grandchildren or pets. You don’t have to design the card; we’ll be happy to wrap up a gift certificate for you to give.
  • Frequent Buyer Cards – Punch ’em, stamp ’em or have patrons collect ’em to earn free and reduced fee product.
  • Collector Cards – We’ve done some fun promotions using collector cards showcasing products and services.  The trick is to make the card something the end user wants to keep for its own value, or to create a collection they can turn in for a special prize.
  • Scavenger Hunt Tokens – Hide cards instead of objects.  For store promotions, they’re a lot easier to track and for parties, they give guests a take-home they can scrapbook.
  • Place Cards – The perfect hostess gift: 100 Place Cards with the party girl’s signature look and feel.
  • Invitations – Just the right size for reminders/invitations to an open house or other event.
  • Free Hugs – We’ve made these for two clients now, and another set used as a leave behind after a random act of kindness.  Nice! What would you print on a card to bring a smile to someone’s face?
  • Share the Message – Scripture or other inspirational quotes are a quick way to share your passion with the world.
  • Point Cards – Each card is worth a point and points are redeemed for prizes.  We’ve seen these used by stores rewarding customers for buying specific products during a month-long promotion.  We’ve also seen them used by parents rewarding kids for grades, chores and other good decisions.
  • Calling Cards – Personal calling cards are regaining popularity and make a great gift.