Long Beach City Crew Fan Club

At the end of July, Keleigh did something she vowed, at the tender age of twelve, she would never do: She started a fan club.

We don’t hold it against her; how could she NOT start a fan club for the ever-smiling, courteous and thoughtful City Crew of Long Beach?

Keith has been a fan for years, but especially since they bring him the grass they cut from the ball field across the street from him.  Keith loves to make compost. Sue’s the most dedicated fan in the office and that’s not just because her husband is on the Crew, either.

Here’s what Keleigh wrote when she started the Long Beach Washington City Crew Fan Club on FaceBook:

Long Beach, Washington has the best darned City Crew anywhere! This is a group of very talented, hard-working people who notice what needs doing and do it before anyone asks. They’re always smiling and stepping up to the plate to improve our community. It’s often said that Long Beach is the beach of our childhoods. Could it be, in part, because this group brings back the kindly manners of the past?

Even so, we were all surprised when the group had nearly 70 fans in its first two days of existence.  It says a lot, we think.  So click on over and become a fan yourself.  Let’s show this gang of orange vest-wearing magicians how much we appreciate them!

And, while you’re there, pop in on Tangly Cottage Gardening, the duo responsible for all those gorgeous planters downtown and on the beach approaches.  They deserve some fan action themselves!