Featured on the Cover of Knife Magazine

martindale knives

Jim Martindale’s knives are works of art; his talent exceeded only by his craftsmanship. He even tools each knive’s sheath using time-worn leather skills; each is custom made specifically to it’s knife for a perfect fit.  You can read about Jim in the August, 2017 edition of Knife Magazine

Jim’s wife Kathy is a talented photographer (amongst other things!) so they had a nice collection of photos to use when creating their site. We wanted to give the site an artisan feel, while also keeping it crisp and clean, like the knives themselves.  A flexible layout tool allows for each page to have it’s own look, while retaining use of site-wide elements.

It was particularly fun to put together the slideshows on the awards and workshop pages but it’s the invisible function of the materials and knives pages that is the real magic of this site.  Faraz created custom fields to match those the couple uses on paper to identify all the features and materials for a knife. This way, when they add a knife to the site, no detail is forgotten.  The materials used are automatically added to the materials page, and knives are automatically added and sorted into categories on the knives page.  This way, Jim and Kathy won’t have to edit those pages unless they want to change the information for each category – not the products within them.

Jim is working on custom orders right now and next will make more knives available for sale on the site.  We look forward to seeing them!