We’re beyond proud to present: in12days.com


This site launch was exciting because of the group it helped AND the great features we were able to give them!

In 12 Days is a non-profit born in the tragic and sudden loss of a husband and father to two young boys.  To help ease the family’s grief that first Christmas, gifts were given to the family loosely following the “Twelve Days of Christmas” song.   Lifted by this generosity and healed by the process, founder Suzanne Lea turned her own family’s loss into a healing vehicle for many, many more families.

In 12 Days now provides similar experiences for families in need – on a small and grand scale.   Five golden rings might be a basket of bagels, or a tree adorned with donuts.  Two Turtle Doves has more than once been a truckload of Dove Chocolates dumped into turtle shaped swimming pools!  Involving top performers like Cirque du Soleil, Blue Man Group, The Jersey Boys and more, recipients never know what the next day might bring.  Nine Ladies Dancing might be classic ballerinas arriving at the kids’ school or a group of friends dancing in the street in front of their house; it is always a gift of healing and an expression of love to those experiencing the unique pain of losing a family member.

This outrageous and wonderful program, based in Las Vegas, is expanding to San Francisco and Chicago in 2015. 

Recognizing the needs of the organization would change rapidly over time, the beachdog.com team gave In12days.com a theme that allowed for a lot of flexibility in creating page layouts.  The site is 100% responsive (aka Mobile-Friendly), with the layouts changing based on the screen size of the site visitor.  As you click through the site, you’ll notice that, while sharing a header and a footer, no two pages have exactly the same layout.

Team Leader Keleigh’s favorite part is the slideshow tool.  “Not only can I quickly add slideshows with animation and overlay text, I can set up themes and templates within the slideshow program so the site owner is able to update these displays while retaining the look/feel, the professional appearance, of the site.” 

She’s also particularly fond of the countdown tool in the footer.  “That little girl looking up at it is just adorable!” she squeals.

The site offers large photo areas, several slideshow templates, custom fonts, flexible spaces, biographies, inline maps, a newsroom, forms, and tools for adding video and other multimedia, as well as Authorize.net integration for donations.  Search Engine Optimization and Marketing efforts, as well as Social Media Marketing, have just begun.

Foundation Director and Founder Suzanne’s comments leave the entire beachdog.com team blushing and beaming: 

“I love it! …perfection! 

“It is clean and friendly and exciting to navigate. It gives hope and excitement…just what we want to have viewers capture. I was able to view the entire site without getting bored or overwhelmed. I read everything.

“You did a lot of extra work and investigation to find the details that you did. I really appreciate you going the extra steps to create the complete picture.

“My work in social media and marketing makes me appreciate the format…the story on the home page, days with visuals on about page so that they really make the connection between the days and the song, love Events…and my favorite part is the rolling photos…

Nice work!   So beautiful! I am so grateful! The team LOVES it!”