Anna Lena's Fudge!

For more reasons than we can count, many of us mourn the loss of Anna Lena’s Quilts & Gifts, a 10-year staple in downtown Long Beach.  All is not lost!  Owner Karen Snyder is still quite active in the quilting world.  More to the point of this post, Scrapaccino is now the exclusive purveyor of Anna Lena’s Fresh Made Fudge!

Scrapaccino has expanded from a small scrapbooking and espresso shop to including tanning services and now, Anna Lena’s fudge, this writer’s idea of a spa day all in one stop!


Owner Cindy wanted collateral that served as a coupon and rack card/brochure, and she gave Keleigh a lot of freedom to design the piece (thanks, Cindy!).  The standard 4″ x 9″ rack card is perforated to tear off a business card sized piece that doubles as a coupon for fudge.  This leaves a postcard-sized take-along card with map locator as well as a photo of the shop showing their key location next to “The World’s Largest Razor Clam” and “The World’s Largest Frying Pan”.

Cindy’s choice of color palette is smart; the pink reminds patrons of their famous cranberry fudge and the blue works with it to evoke thoughts of sunny summer days at the beach.  Keleigh had a lot of fun giving the piece a bit of magic, which is really the common ingredient of tanning, espresso, scrapbooking and fudge, don’t you think?