Shoemaker’s Children Go Barefoot

shoemaker's children go barefoot

Is it “The shoemaker’s children go barefoot” or “The cobbler’s children go without shoes”?

The past year has been a whirlwind! We made our business model change, returning to the use of long-term subcontractors rather than in-house employees. Then we leased our building, moving the beachdog-house back into our home. That launched a list of home projects to make the house business-ready (we’re still working on that!) while we moved 2,000 square feet of contents into a 1,000 square foot space that was already full. Oh, the downsizing! Yes, it’s been a busy year.

A key aspect of our plan has been to create more family time, and we’ve been able to travel to, and with, family several times this year (yay!). Not only has this been GREAT relax & rejuvenate time, but we’ve also used it to learn how to work remotely so more is possible in the future without leaving clients with only our trusted subs. It’s about creating more quality of life for us while providing even better customer service for our customers.

But what about that “shoemaker’s children go barefoot” statement?

Along the way, we sort of forgot to market our own business! Remember the storybook where the shoemaker’s children go barefoot? Well, the marketer’s business went without marketing this past year. Gratefully, our loyal clients have kept us busy while we figured out our new business model. Thank you, Clients!! But it is a bit embarrassing to have been so poor at providing for ourselves the very thing we sell. Oops!

Looking forward

Join us on Facebook where Keleigh plans to post about the larger projects while also providing tips and tricks for your DIY efforts, and Keith swears he’ll take pictures of products as they come in and post those to our wall.

Panda and Teacup will undoubtedly make an appearance from time to time because, well, they dominate our household and we’re positively infatuated with their antics.
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